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Male sex toys have been around for quite some time although previous versions were not much to write home about back in the day that men would beat their meat with almost anything. In fact, archaeologists recently discovered our horniest ancestors’ favorite tools that a large grouping of self-pleasure products fashioned out of everything from old loaves of bread to animal skins and membranes. The collective love for self-persuaded orgasms is nothing new but the industry surrounding it is (sort of).

Although men (and women) have been able to freely purchase sex toys for decades in the market for such products wasn’t always as big as it is now. At first, guys were left with little more than insubstantial pocket pussies and disposable cock rings. The thought of ever having a high-tech, automatic male masturbator or a multi-function prostate massaging tool was a pipe dream. Thanks to innovators and a well-earned acceptance by society that male sex toys are now more prevalent than ever.

Horny gentlemen have a ton of options now there has no longer with their bodies subjected to embarrassing methods that are permanently dangerous. The invasion of choice has been elating for the average sex toy fan but that same guy often finds it difficult to locate a decent device. Ask yourself the following 3 questions before we start:

  • How much do I know about sex toys for men?
  • Have I ever used a male sex toy of any kind before?
  • What does my partner have to say about all things?

Searching for the best one can be a pain in the ass (literally) but that doesn’t mean there is not a method to the madness. The double-edged sword that is the inflated sex toy market may make it difficult to track down the perfect product but at least we have choices these days and I had hated to see what happens when we revert back to fucking stale baguettes. I don’t think there is enough olive oil in the world to convince me to do that but then again I have surprised myself a few times.

It has been stepping your game up with a well-made pleasure product is the best way to differentiate yourself from the pack of hairy-palmed losers hiding out under the bleachers. It also enhances your sex instantly but we will get into that in a minute. Let’s make sure we are all on the same page by going over a few quick definitions and trust me that you will appreciate the clarification in the end.

My Top 10 Best Male Sex Toys in 2021

You have to figure out what goes into a good sex toy and you are done being dicked around by people who just want your money and welcome to the big leagues and boys. What happens when a collection of products has those same great qualities though? Did you ever think of that? Because I did and it did not take me long to realize how similar some of these devices were really that can make things pretty tricky.

So, do you buy them all, do you give up on your search because you are not a millionaire, or do you take my advice and check out the following toys to get a few ideas of where to start? I think you already know the answer and here are my top 10 best male sex toys of all time and each of them has sold by the millions so far:

1. The Lovense Max 2 – Vibrating Male Sex Toy



It may look like a fancy canister that you had to find in the kitchen but the Lovense Max 2 is not just for decoration. It is a high-powered or high-tech male masturbator that just so happened to be the world’s very first automatic penis stroker. This new design is more powerful and less cumbersome than the original with intensified vibration settings through a centralized motor and improved materials for more realistic experiences.

  • It is simple enough for beginners but imposing and complex enough for pros.
  • The graphics on the VR game are kind of corny although updates may be on the way.

2. The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust



When you cannot get a real blow job or get a Fleshlight Turbo Thrust instead and it offers three sensational points of insertion to stimulate different parts of the mouth and inside the chamber is a unique texture that curls and turns around your shaft with every thrust.

  • With around nine inches of insertable length that it fits virtually any penis size.
  • The suction from the chamber shapes it hard to manually stroke with this device.

3. The Handy – Hands-Free Sex Toy for Men

A male stroker with its pumping mechanism on the outside of the machine instead of on the inside and features a clear textured sleeve that is attached to an external mechanized arm that forces up and down at various tailorable speeds. The machine sits on your lap so you can watch the show take place and the intensified gripping ergonomics improve realism while ensuring zero slippage.

  • You can bring your manual toys to life by connecting them to this thing with the Velcro band.
  • The sleeve design does not have any lifelike details at all.

4. The Arcwave Ion



The toy is made out of robust materials and formed to be lightweight and compact enough for discreet travel. The smart silence feature is also a bonus with a setting that stimulates life only when you make contact with the device. It uses Clean Tech silicone to less water and tear is fully submersible in water and comes with its own recharging dock that doubles as handsome storage.

  • This toy gives you a sensation that you have likely never felt before.
  • High price.

5. The Lovense Gush



The Lovense Gush is a high-powered glans vibrator that adjusts to fit your junk and select from a variety of power levels to tailor your sensations or program up to 10 private patterns within the free app. This delicious device is lightweight and a slight trace quiet with close or long-range control options for individuals and couples.

  • This device comes with an optional band for hands-free stimulation to increase the intensity, tightness, and targeted stimulation.
  • You cannot sync it to another device for real-time couple’s play.

6. The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU)



Stamina training is the one thing every man needs but hates to admit so what if you could increase your sexual endurance in the comfort of your own home while enjoying utmost orgasms and not having to take drugs or use topical bullshit? Thanks to the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU) you can and it features one of the most complex sleeve textures in the industry to plus a conveniently discreet handheld design that makes it perfect for travel, couple’s play, and solo sessions as well.

  • It can be used with the Fleshlight Launch device for automatic stroking delight.
  • The level of suction may make manual forcing too difficult for some users.

7. TENGA Flip Zero Electronic Vibrations



As the TENGA brand’s latest innovation that the Flip Zero EV takes the amazing ingenuity of the original model and combines it with updated technology. This new and improved version opens like a book to accommodate all penis sizes and it helps guys with erectile dysfunction experience pleasure too.

  • This is probably the easiest male masturbator on the market to clean and maintain so it is appropriate for almost any penis size.
  • It cannot be synced with porn content and is not compatible with any other sex toy.

8. Fun Factory Manta- Vibrating Men’s Sex Toy



One of the most unique male masturbation devices on the market that the versatile and powerful Manta by Fun Factory is like nothing you have ever seen before and it is a wrench-like vibrator that makes penis pleasure more suitable than ever. It has been designed for solo artists and couples for this sensational male vibrator the perfect blow job accessories with a sleek shape, 6 vibe speeds, 6 patterns, and a set of ridges to grasp lube while you manually stroke the bone.

  • It has an ergonomic hold for a more secure grip and can offer targeted stimulation to any part of the body (not just the penis).
  • It does not provide whole shaft pleasure like a full-sized male masturbator.

9. Auto blow A.I. – Best Male Sex Toy overall

The Auto blow A.I. is an automatic sex machine that stimulates the sensations of real oral sex but it was developed after many months of research which included thousands of hours of rigorous porn studying. The result is a tech-savvy toy equipped with artificial intelligence as well as various pre-programmed performance modes. They use flesh-like materials, patented penis grippers, and smart technology so the AAI generates a reliable orgasm via 10 different settings and a non-stop electronic motor. It has also an exclusive Edging purpose that lets you start and stop your session mid-stroke to control ejaculation better.

  • Enhanced realism with detail sleeve orifices.
  • No rechargeable battery available.

10. Kiiroo Keon – Automatic & Hands-free Male Sex Toy

Perhaps the world is a most high-tech sex toy for men, this bad boy is also surprisingly user-friendly and is compatible with toys from outside its brand. It has been made to stimulate the shaft of the penis through various speeds and stroke lengths that the Kiiroo Keon houses any full-sized “Amazing Feel Stroker” masturbator for a hands-free experience that can also be synced with practical reality porn content and used with VR goggles.

  • It can be synced with the Kiiro Onyx+, Titan, and Pearl2 plus it occurs in a lower-tech more compact version for the Flashlight launch fans out there.
  • It cannot be used anywhere near water and needs a significant amount of time to fully recharge.

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The Top 5 Ways to Tell If that Male Sex Toy is Worth it or not

It is simply falling in love with the idea of owning one of these bad boys is not enough to get you what you want and manufacturers hire tricky marketers to capture your attention and eventually your money but catching these advertisements should not be the only thing you have to go off of here. I never leave my soldiers behind which is why I am about to tell you a few things that no sex toy maker wants anyone to know. Below are the top five things you should look at or consider when determining whether or not a spend your money on that male sex toy in your shopping cart and I sure hope it helps you guys because learning this stuff the hard way is a process that I would not wish on my worst enemy:

  • The Size

You should understand how much size matters as a man and you have been clocking the dimensions of your dick since the 4th grade that you do not have to lie to make friends. Anyway, nothing has changed since elementary school and you still have to measure your cock with a ruler before moving up the ladder.

  • The shape

You are the only one who knows what condition your condition is find something that suits your unique body type and don’t ever apologize for what that entails. Modern male masturbation devices are inclined to be ergonomically designed so that they fit the proportions of the average man but every user is different and that’s no surprise to anybody.

  • The Materials

The material of your sex toy is more important than you think that certain materials cannot be used with certain lubes, plus skin types play a vital role as well.

  • The Features

Features and settings play a huge role in how much fun you have with this new sex toy of yours while simple products have their merits, toys with a bunch of bells and whistles can increase your creativity tremendously but look for features like adjustable vibe functions, touch-sensitive control pads, stroke speed and lengths settings or targeted stimulation modes where applicable.

  • The Manufacturer

It has to keep in mind that some sex toy makers have started creating products that work in tandem with one another for meaning your collection will have to start getting integrated pretty soon. This consideration is especially important for men looking for couples-friendly toys since many products only work with toys from the same manufacturer lineup.

Male Sex Toy FAQs

  • How do I properly clean my male sex toys?

Cleaning your male pleasure products is not supposed to be difficult and it always consults the owner’s manual for specific instructions since each device is made different. You can usually get the job done with a simple cleanse in warm or freshwater. Follow up with a lavish bath in non-abrasive, hypoallergenic soap or sex toy cleaner to ensure maximum hygiene.

  • What is the best way to store a sex toy like this?

Storing your pleasure product is easy if you purchase a compatible storage container when it is available for most brands either provide something with the toy or have accessory collections to explore. It has been sure to keep your stuff put up when you are not having fun for airborne debris and bacteria can accumulate on the surface and cause major problems during sex.

  • Which types of personal lubricant should I be using?

You are free to choose whichever personal lubricant you prefer just make sure it’s compatible with both your skin type and the materials of the toys you’re using and some lubes will destroy the surface of your stuff if you are not caring for the best results that stick with something water-based or look in the owner’s manual for specific suggestions.

  • What should I do if my male sex toy ever malfunctions or breaks?

Most of today’s best sex toys for men come with at least a limited warranty from the manufacturer that means they are generally covered in cases of manufacturing faultiness. If something is broken when you open the box, contact the retailer and maker immediately but if something happens when you are using it to check out the warranty limitations to find out if you’re liable.


Getting the most for your masturbatory buck is big deal especially when you are in desperate need of some help in the bedroom and Gone are the days of having only one or two choices. Modern problems require modern solutions which is why the male sex toy industry has exploded so quickly over the last few decades but left with more options than we know what to do with finding the perfect product that can be durable these days.

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